Sunday, February 14, 2010


Square-Enix once again blew my brains out.

Also included are Serah "Imari Kurumi" Farron and Jack Skellington

From the 2010 Toy Fair.

via Tomopop

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shiva and Odin Featured in Sankaku Complex

After Sankaku Complex's really interesting article on the Third-Generation Console Yaoi manga (which I read over and over again XDD), they next featured Square-Enix's pride of 2010 ~


Shiva's Bike on Gestalt Mode.
Transformable into 38-cm tall sisters namely Styria and Nyx.
Snow Villiers not included.

Odin on Gestalt Mode (or more appropriately "Sleipnir" Mode)
Transformable into a 43-cm behemoth with two big Zantetsuken.
Lightning not included.

Sankaku definitely makes it more worthwhile to get them...even for "the price." :D

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Play Arts Kai GET!

I have nothing much to say after this except ROY MUSTANG FOR THE WIN!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bayonetta Play Arts Kai now up for pre-order

From Square-Enix with love ~
$40 each, due for an August release overseas.

LOL wut, what happened to Phat Company and Kotobukiya?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

QBSC Gekitou Pack GET!

The Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Gekitou Pack was all worth the wait.

It contains a nice artbox featuring at least all the characters you can play as and fight (except for Shizuka which took the place of Nyx), a CD filled with innuendo (Clicky! XDDD), the Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos UMD for PSP and those who pre-ordered it in advance gets a A5-sized Visual Book (Scans to follow. For now, here are some PSP CGs).

Here are some pictures of Cute in "S Mode" for now. Sorry if I can't shift her to "M Mode" due to Figmas being more notoriously fragile than Revoltechs.

"Watashi datte, Kuinzubureido no bitoushi nanda kara!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Square-Enix Blog on Wanzer Zenith

Square-Enix Figure blog posted a new entry about their Front Mission Play Arts Kai Wanzer Zenith.


Everyone, today we present you the mechanic favorite production brigade DY. Everyone, you haven't forgotten? Me, I haven't. This is what I mean.

It burns (It sprouts?) If we can convey the follow-up story of development in the next few days, it's good. We shall increase our perseverance with this.

--- End of Blog Entry ---

Even if I disliked that thing so much, I must say, it looks really good on a Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base 001.

At this point, their New Item Gallery and Line-up page are yet to be opened.
Again, let Tsuki-board serve as the temporary (or probably better :D) source of information for their figure line-up.

Until the next stalking/snooping of the Play Arts Kai Blog. XD

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Play Arts Kai Website Impressions

Square-Enix has FINALLY launched an actual website for their esteemed Play Arts Kai toyline after being heckled enough by the well-organized websites of Kaiyodo Revoltech and Max Factory's Figma.

Clicky ~

Deus Ex Escathon's resident Play Arts Maniac, Cain Nox; will be providing some insights right here and right now.

The top page has an impressive flash animation of the Kai Calligraphy.


Combining better play value and poseability in this new form of Play Arts Action Figures, Play Arts Kai.

Double joint was adopted and thereby expanding the movable range. Furthermore, along with the new design of movable joint is the adoptation of soft plastic for some parts, thereby achieving better poseability.

From this, it is now possible for closer posing in play. In addition, not only the movable range, it also added a better and bigger scale in order to improve the expression of the material, endeavored to the thoroughness of the character's likeness and detail.

Furthermore, more accessories are added for more play value. You can now play up to your heart's content.

Some of the pics in their Figure blog

Shiva Sisters' Bike on Yuri...erm, Gestalt Mode Transformation.
With impressive pillar stand made of translucent plastic that's "sure" to hold their heavy wheel-infused heads

Plus a Snow x Cactuar Yaoi...erm, cuddly session

Mmm...spiky. XD

At this point, the New Item Gallery and Line-up sections are not yet accessible. (I can't wait for this one) but here's the list of Play Arts Kai announced in various events and places in the past few years ~

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- Edward Elric
- Alphonse Elric

Resident Evil / Biohazard 5
- Chris Redfield
- Sheva Alomar

Final Fantasy XIII
volume 1
- Lightning
- Snow Villiers
- Oerba Dia Vanille
- Shiva's Bike
volume 2
- Sazh Katzroy
- Hope Estheim
- Oerba Yun Fang
- Odin

Devil May Cry 4
- Dante
- Nero

- Bayonetta
- Jeanne

Front Mission Evolved
- Zenith

Thou shall browse this site for images and more information of the afformentioned in the mean time.

(I hope they'd also launch an actual Play Arts Website)